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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends, if you liked one of the tattoos I made but it is no longer available, I can still bring some modifications to it or draw something different yet similar.

It’s worth trying to ask but I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to adapt some of your ideas with my style. 

I’ll never tattoo someone else’s design, so please don’t send me other tattoo artists’ work !

Something I truely love to do is freehand tattoos, it works really well with abstracts so feel free to ask <3

The available flashes can be found in this website or in my « highlighted stories » from Instagram

All of my drawings are meant to be unique tattoos except the « Feline Heads » which are reproductibles.

Sleep well, eat well and everything should be just fine. Don’t go out the day before and avoid alcohol – this impairs blood flow and complicates healing. Also don’t take drugs… that goes without saying !

I assume that you will keep your tattoo your whole life, and it’s kind of a big deal. I’ll do everything I can to make it as great as possible. I’ve seen some of my designs stolen and tattooed by others, and since they had not the same amount of consideration for the drawing itself… well… I saw some horrors. 

See it this way : I would never do to someone what I would not want done to me.

I finally think that the choice of the price of my work is up to me alone and not what others decide for themselves.

Ask yourself why you’d pay more a phone that will be obsolete in a few years than a tattoo that you’ll keep for life.

It’s quite easy ! All you have to do is pick a flash, email it to me or DM it on Instagram

Again, the available flashes can be found in this website or in my « highlighted stories » from Instagram.

Just remember to tell me the location where you want it and your availability. I can then give you the ideal dimensions as well as the price and a rendez-vous !

I do receive a lot of mails and messages but I manage to answer to them all. If you don’t have a quick response, please don’t send another mail to notice it, it will just put your mail on the top of the reception box and I answer to the old ones first.

If you have no answer after a month, please send it back, your message might have disappear from Instagram DMs (it does happen sometimes) or maybe it ended up in the SPAM inbox.